Taking the Time

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Taking the Time

“Bystanders were enjoying the performance and their cheers doubled when the band started another tune. Each of its members demonstrated an exceptional mastery of their respective instruments. Next to the drummer, a middle aged ogre, stood a frail elven woman whose gentle voice seemed to fill the great hall.

Agatha looked around and felt truly enchanted by this uniquely odd place. For a while, she forgot about her weariness and the perilously long trip that had brought her here, to Snowkeep, to find the storyteller. Jerrik. At the Golden Bear. She hadn't forgotten, she only merely strayed off, for an instant.”

Taking the TimeThe cold draft blowing by your feet as a group of customers enters forces you to lift your eyes from the pages of your book. You look around as you are abruptly brought back to your own world, leagues away from where you stood with Agatha, just a moment ago. Your coffee is still there, having finally reached a temperature adequate for drinking. You take a careful sip while scanning the cafe and its occupants, your gaze halting over the lunch menu on the black board. A quick glance out the window reminds you of the cold winter air that you've had to brave on your way here. The Soup of the Day it shall be!

Your phone vibrates on the table, desperately trying to rush you back into the affairs of the real world. They will have to wait for now, all you care about is taking your time before catching up with friends for your monthly D&D meet up. Or maybe tonight’s games of Ticket to Ride, Viticulture and Sagrada with the family. You could also have nothing planned with anyone and decide to drop by the Comic Book store to see if any gaming groups are meeting there later this week. Your mobile device gives another few frantic jolts before you gently tap the “Do not disturb” button. Time to order that soup and get back to Agatha and her quest for the Storyteller.

This isn’t a tale of a time gone by. This is a story form the real world. All you need to live one like it is to step out your door and go for a stroll. Enjoy your city, town or village. Head down to the local game store or café, check out some games. Play with friends or meet other gamers who are also looking for companions, or opponents. If you are stuck at home, snowed in, get a book and relax or play with whoever is in the mood. Roll some dice, set off on an adventure of pen and paper or challenge yourself with a one player living card game.

Whichever it is, you will find that taking the time to take your time is the best gift one could get. I wish you a great holiday season and a Happy New Year!



Wouter F. Goedkoop is a multi-faceted designer, artist and storyteller who, after living across Europe decided to find his home in Nova Scotia where he lives with his wife and kids. He helps people and companies connect with their audience in meaningful ways by telling relevant and impactful stories.

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