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Being creative isn’t the same as being imaginative. A comment artists will often hear goes along the lines of “I wish I could be this creative” or “you’re so talented”. Personally, I believe creativity is triggered by curiosity in an artistic field and it then becomes something that needs to be practiced to achieve a certain level or mastery. It’s the same curiosity that will direct other people towards sciences, literature or a vocational career. One’s creativity can definitely serve as a gateway for others to unlock the power of their own imagination. Being imaginative is something that lives inside...

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Crowdfunding campaigns not only give creators the opportunity to bring their projects to life, they are powerful new ways for the players of tabletop games to decide what is worth their time and money. Backing a game on Kickstarter or Indiegogo is as much about the creators as it is about the players. Our power as consumers and creatives has never been bigger. It’s not about having a say in how stuff is made but what sort of thing you want to invest yourself and your group in! Beyond the obvious The tabletop hobby is vast and offers lots of...

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