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While on tabletop gaming adventures, the actions we take and the way we resolve encounters, conflicts or other situations requires the use of directives that help us determine their outcome. Depending on the game or the way we play, they can be interpreted loosely, as guidelines, or strictly, to the letter. Regardless of how they are applied, the word we use to describe them feels constrictive and stiff: rules. As you may well know, this means they can, or are meant to, be broken. But before you do that, you should always make sure you learn said rules and fortunately,...

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Ever wondered how a real tabletop role-playing game rules expert goes about running his games? Do you think there is a rite of passage to become a great game master? From the outside, looking in, the role of GM (or DM if you play Dungeons & Dragons) can seem like the most complicated pastime ever. Fortunately, it's becomes a lot simpler once you start and, to be frank, we've all been beginners at something before. As intimidating as it might seem, the only way to learn is by doing, even though some days will be more glorious than others. You...

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For anyone who has experienced playing tabletop role-playing games, it will come as no surprise that no two gaming groups play alike. This is largely attributed to the fact that rules in RPGs are only there to guide players and help resolve the outcome of certain situations. The majority of how the game is run will depend on the Game Master’s (GM) and the players’ play style. The other defining factor is the adventure itself: is the GM running a published module or did he create a campaign from scratch in a world of his own creation? Let’s look at...

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Board games and role-playing games procure many benefits all while allowing us to spend quality time with friends and family. They can teach us many valuable skills as children and as adults: strategy, patience, math, logic, history, empathy and much more. They give us opportunity to connect through a shared interest, make new friends or learn more about them.

Sometimes we have time to indulge in these pastimes but no one to play with. Other hobbies can fill that gap. They exist to provide what some call “me time”. Reading, writing, running, gardening, painting are futile for some and necessary for others. Certain people like to look for additional hobbies that relate closely to their passion for games. Fun things that they can ultimately integrate into their gaming sessions. Things like painting small figurines with small brushes and lots of patience. It sounds challenging but it is also very relaxing!

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A fancy name for something really quite straightforward. Yet, turn based strategy games often offer tremendous depth, all on the basis of simple rules. Two opponents face off, often with an equal number of pawns at their command. Taking turns, they each perform one move at a time. In the end, only one can be left standing. The premise and goal of turn based strategy games can vary but the core concept is identical in all its many forms. It has been around for centuries and has fascinated gamers for just as long. Let’s have a look at a few,...

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