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Camps are a great way to experience new things. As a kid, you are thrown out of your comfort zone and sent off into the world without your parents. It can be, at the least, intimidating and a little nerve wracking at first. Soon you realize that everyone else is in the same boat and you find yourself quickly making new friends and having the greatest summer vacation ever. As an adult, being a summer camp counsellor is a challenging experience as well, for very different reasons! Despite the setbacks of the COVID-19 pandemic or maybe because of them, I...

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We’ve almost reached the end of what seems to have been a very, very hot summer for everyone. At times, it seemed the heat was keeping us inside in the same way a week of downpour would. In our home, the basement is the only place that seems to stay cool, so the holidays turned into a bigger opportunity to play board games, role playing games and video games than expected. Of course, there were plenty of trips to the beach and parks, playing catch, badminton, frisbee, and typical lawn games including one of my favourites:   Washer Toss Some...

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Adventure is always at your doorstep, it’s only a matter of mindset. As a kid, I always played a lot of make pretend. I never meant it to be a way to escape from the real world, it simply was a means of letting my imagination run loose and to satisfy my creative mind. As most kids, a good part of my play was informed by the tv shows I watched, the books I read, the games I played and the films I experienced. They were recreated, altered or reshaped to my will and took me to either far away places where...

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