Comics, graphic novels and short stories

In my spare time, when I get any, I indulge in yet another form of storytelling: comics, graphic novels and short stories.


Tales of Jerrik

Currently, I focus on one graphic novel project and it is called Tales of Jerrik. So far, I have completed two books while a third one is in production. You can read them HERE.

Tales of Jerrik

The story

In a faraway land, lived a warrior of great virtue who was known throughout the kingdom as Jerrik the Great for his accomplishments were many. Becoming legend was where his path was set to take him but the Gods had other plans.

Jerrik’s story is one of adversity, repentance, discovery and change told with words and illustrated with art. New readers can start their journey on this page.


The Adventures of Captain Wayne

This was my first project and while it is on hiatus, a follow up has been written, storyboarded and a number of pages have been completed. I honestly do not know when I will get a chance to get back to it, but in the meantime you can read the original adventure and a side quest on the Captain Wayne website.

Captain Wayne and the Unexplained Dimension

Captain Wayne and the Unexplained Dimension

Wayne is an experienced member of the Captaincy setting off on what looks to be a standard investigation. As his mission takes him to remote systems in the galaxy, the mysteries he unravels will challenge his beliefs and take him to the doorsteps of an unexplained dimension. Captain Wayne Volume 1 is a story about control, when to let go and make the most of a sticky situation.

Captain Wayne in Trouble on P57-Exodus

Wayne, Ovittia and Yok are nearing the end of an eventless mission on P57-Exodus. Little do they know that their wishful hopes for action and drama are about to be addressed as the remaining local tribes are about to clash and jeopardize the existence of their planet.

To start reading the Adventures of Captain Wayne, head over to the dedicated website's New Readers page.