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“Bystanders were enjoying the performance and their cheers doubled when the band started another tune. Each of its members demonstrated an exceptional mastery of their respective instruments. Next to the drummer, a middle aged ogre, stood a frail elven woman whose gentle voice seemed to fill the great hall. Agatha looked around and felt truly enchanted by this uniquely odd place. For a while, she forgot about her weariness and the perilously long trip that had brought her here, to Snowkeep, to find the storyteller. Jerrik. At the Golden Bear. She hadn't forgotten, she only merely strayed off, for an...

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While on tabletop gaming adventures, the actions we take and the way we resolve encounters, conflicts or other situations requires the use of directives that help us determine their outcome. Depending on the game or the way we play, they can be interpreted loosely, as guidelines, or strictly, to the letter. Regardless of how they are applied, the word we use to describe them feels constrictive and stiff: rules. As you may well know, this means they can, or are meant to, be broken. But before you do that, you should always make sure you learn said rules and fortunately,...

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For anyone who knows me or follows this blog, it will be no secret that J.R.R. Tolkien’s work has had a certain impact on my interpretation of all things fantasy. There are many artists, writers and creators who have guided my own development as a fan but also as an artist and a storyteller in my own right. My journeys in the lands of Arda started around the age of 10 when I first read The Hobbit. I discovered a whole new world full of wonders, that I could vividly visualize through the words of the author. Yet, my vision...

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