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Autumn has always been my favourite season. Some of it has to do with the turning of the foliage into amazing arrays of reds, oranges, yellows and greens, the early evenings with warm, golden sunsets, the mornings getting colder and everything in nature telling us change is in the air. I associate it with many things that probably have nothing to do with the season. Yet, my experiences, memories and feelings are what makes fall a special time of year for me. One common association many of us make with autumn, however, is Halloween. For some, it becomes an opportunity to indulge...

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Growing up, I was fortunate to live in houses with a fair amount of space. A great amount of space actually. There was room for everyone and yet we were constantly being sent to play outside! Many, many moons later, after having lived in much smaller spaces, I find myself living in a large house again. And yes, when the weather permits, I send my kids outside; probably just as constantly as well, if you ask them. While I always encourage everyone to have a diverse set of interests, including outdoor activities, certain games just have to be played a...

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When we play tabletop games, we often take roles. It’s a necessity with games like Dungeons & Dragons or Call of Cthulhu. It’s a tool for better immersion in board games. Artwork and graphic design are major contributors to helping players visualize the situations they find themselves in during the course of the game. While our imagination takes care of creating a believable experience, this process is guided by the look and feel of the physical components of the game. Abstract games in the vein of card games like Skip-Bo or dice games like Yahtzee do not need fancy artwork...

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A fancy name for something really quite straightforward. Yet, turn based strategy games often offer tremendous depth, all on the basis of simple rules. Two opponents face off, often with an equal number of pawns at their command. Taking turns, they each perform one move at a time. In the end, only one can be left standing. The premise and goal of turn based strategy games can vary but the core concept is identical in all its many forms. It has been around for centuries and has fascinated gamers for just as long. Let’s have a look at a few,...

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A good question that someone who is looking to discover boardgames might ask. While the answer is straightforward - it’s either yes or no - helping a friend to get started can sometimes be a challenge. It’s often related to taste and interest, but also to personality and what type of gameplay one is responsive to. Where do you start as a new gamer? How do you learn a new game? How do you find people to play with? 

Join me as I walk you through my path of board gaming discovery!

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