My principal activity at the Voyager's Workshop is to help tabletop players, creators and publishers tell their stories. I specialize in fantasy maps, illustrations and visual designs. My multi-disciplinary approach to visual storytelling uses both traditional and digital tools & techniques. The short video below displays what my one-man workshop has in store.


While the largest chunk of my activities is taken up by fantasy cartography, I offer a wider array of illustration and design services. To get a better idea of what is possible, please read on and find out which approach is best suited to your needs and those of your project.

Commissions for Creators & Publishers

Digital Tools

My passion for tabletop adventures, and gaming in general, goes way back to the 80's. Today, I combine it with over 25 years experience as a graphic designer, storyteller and illustrator to help you realize the vision at the heart of your project. I provide the following services: cartography, illustration, layout and logo design.

As you can see in the Gallery page, I am often hired to illustrate regional maps but I am just as comfortable creating perspective, isometric or top-down maps. When given the chance, I can bring a cohesive and streamlined aesthetic to projects that demands I make use of my entire skill set.

Personal commissions

At the Voyager’s Workshop, I also make art for you, about you. I design logos, symbols and images that celebrate a person, a family, an occasion or a happening.

Inking Tools

Does your gaming group have a name? How about giving it a graphical identity and applying it to items you use or wear? I create fantastical maps that depict the region where you grew up, the places you visited during your travels or where your adventures take place. I paint decorations that illustrate your story or one that means something to you.

Traditional techniques such as pencil, brush and dip pen inking, as well as watercolours deliver authentic artwork that can be reproduced for printing or framed for display. A complementary modern digital workflow enables me to address any design and artwork need or challenge, be it for fantasy cartography, box art or logo design.

To get started, just head on over to the contact form below and get in touch. I hope to hear from you soon!

Wouter F. Goedkoop