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Camps are a great way to experience new things. As a kid, you are thrown out of your comfort zone and sent off into the world without your parents. It can be, at the least, intimidating and a little nerve wracking at first. Soon you realize that everyone else is in the same boat and you find yourself quickly making new friends and having the greatest summer vacation ever. As an adult, being a summer camp counsellor is a challenging experience as well, for very different reasons! Despite the setbacks of the COVID-19 pandemic or maybe because of them, I...

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Board games and role-playing games procure many benefits all while allowing us to spend quality time with friends and family. They can teach us many valuable skills as children and as adults: strategy, patience, math, logic, history, empathy and much more. They give us opportunity to connect through a shared interest, make new friends or learn more about them.

Sometimes we have time to indulge in these pastimes but no one to play with. Other hobbies can fill that gap. They exist to provide what some call “me time”. Reading, writing, running, gardening, painting are futile for some and necessary for others. Certain people like to look for additional hobbies that relate closely to their passion for games. Fun things that they can ultimately integrate into their gaming sessions. Things like painting small figurines with small brushes and lots of patience. It sounds challenging but it is also very relaxing!

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