What can you find at the Voyager's Workshop?

My name is Wouter F. Goedkoop and I make fantasy art products for people who enjoy adventures of pen, paper, cardboard and pixels. I create original designs and even made-to-order items that showcase your passion for the stories you live, tell and are a part of.

Greetings! My name is Wouter.

I create original designs for tees, posters, mugs and even made-to-order items that showcase your passion for your favourite gaming hobbies and pastimes.

The Voyager’s Workshop is inclusive and reaches out to anyone who values the benefits of sharing moments with others in person. Playing a game of cards is just as much a part of this as getting together for drinks or gathering around the table to talk about a book or play a tabletop game. Telling stories and sharing them fosters creativity and helps us discover more about ourselves and each other. Now more than ever, engaging in collaborative social activities is an easy and fun way to spend time together and that is worth celebrating!

In this online store, you will find offerings for all budgets. All designs are unique and original, you are bound to find something inspiring!

Wouter - The Workshop's Voyager
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Custom Designs & Art

At the Voyager’s Workshop, I also make art for you, about you: something to remember yourself or others by. Does your gaming group have a name? How about giving it a graphical identity and applying it to items you use or wear? I design logos, symbols and images that celebrate a person, a family, an occasion or a happening. I create fantastical maps that depict the region where you grew up, the places you visited during your travels or where your adventures take place.

"You find  yourself at a crossroad: will you take the path to the north and enter The Woods? Or will you walk through the gates and head on to the Castle Tower or the Sorcerer's Dungeon? Maybe your thirst for adventure will take you west, all the way to the Epic Mountain Pass?"

Read on to find out more about each adventure here.