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Hi, my name is Wouter and I am an artist, designer and cartographer specialized in fantasy storytelling and tabletop gaming. The Voyager's Workshop is where I help creators, authors, publishers and gamers tell stories that they live, tell and are a part of!

In my multi-disciplinary approach to visual storytelling, I use a combination of traditional and digital tools in order to create art that matters to you and the people in your life. On this website, you will find lots of information about the kind of services I offer as well as an online store containing many items relating to fantasy tabletop role-playing and board games. Just follow the breadcrumbs trail, its' time for an adventure!

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Custom Art & Commissions

Hand inked one of a kind or custom digital art

Does your gaming group have a name? How about giving it a graphical identity and applying it to items you use or wear? I design logos, symbols and images that celebrate a person, a family, an occasion or a happening. I create fantastical maps that depict the region where you grew up, the places you visited during your travels or where your adventures take place.

I am always available for commissions and also for freelance projects such as maps of all kinds for tabletop publishers, logo designs and other illustration and graphic design challenges. For a visual overview of my skill set, be sure to visit the Gallery and to check out the Epic Gifts page for more info on commissions.