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Artist, designer and storyteller Wouter F. Goedkoop launches online shop for gaming adventurers

Fall River, NS, Feb. 27, 2018/ - Storytelling has long been part of the fabric of society, be it ancient or modern. It is no surprise that, in this day of digital overload, more and more people get together to play in person. They do so to get back to basic forms of sharing tales or just to have a good time amongst friends. Wouter has created a place that caters to players of board games, role playing games, video games and other forms of interactive storytelling.

To do this, he has created The Voyager’s Workshop which just launched in April 2018. It has a very simple purpose: to provide adventurers of all walks of life with items that celebrate their passion for storytelling and play.

“Why you game is more important than what you play!” By offering a unique proposition – one that is not tied to a specific product or franchise – Wouter aims to promote the joys and positive benefits of gaming, storytelling and sharing this with others.

In an age when screen time makes up a good part of our days, it is refreshing to witness the steady return of group based activities that foster in-person interactions. Over the past years the board gaming industry has been booming and shows no signs of slowing down. We have also seen the resurgence of tabletop roleplaying games as new gamers join experienced ones to gather around and create fantastical shared adventures.

For Wouter, gaming and storytelling have always been a part of his life in some way or another. From Dutch and Swedish decent, he grew up in France and Switzerland where he started his career as a graphic designer. After spending the last seventeen years in The Netherlands working for a not for profit educational institution, he moved with his family to Nova Scotia, Canada. This is when he took it upon himself to combine his skills as an experienced graphic designer, his passion for storytelling and his love of gaming to build the Voyager’s Workshop.

In this online store, you will find unique and original designs that pay tribute to role playing games, board games and video games. For those looking to show off their love for tabletop hobbies, there are two main collections: Meeple Power Across the Board, a board game themed collection, and Dicing Monsters One Roll at a Time, a line made up primarily of Role Playing inspired designs. With offerings for all budgets, the artist runs a store of his own work and creates made to order designs, illustrations and artifacts for gamers. He invites you to discover T-shirts, art prints and other fun products that revolve around you and your passion for storytelling. You are bound to find something inspiring!


More about The Voyager's Workshop

Mission: To create fantasy art products for people who enjoy tabletop, RPG and video games with a storytelling focus. All my creations have a common purpose: they celebrate your passion for fantasy and science-fiction gaming hobbies.

Okay, but how do you do that? I make original designs for t-shirts, posters, mugs and even made-to-order items that showcase your passion for the stories you live, tell and are a part of. This includes logos, symbols and images that celebrate a person, a family, an occasion or a happening. How about giving your gaming group a graphical identity and applying it to items you use or wear? 

The Voyager’s Workshop is inclusive and reaches out to anyone who values the benefits of sharing moments with others in person. Playing a game of cards is just as much a part of this as getting together for drinks or gathering around the table to talk about a book or play a tabletop game. Telling stories and sharing them fosters creativity and helps us discover more about ourselves and each other. Now more than ever, engaging in collaborative social activities is an easy and fun way to spend time together.

That is worth celebrating!



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