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For anyone who has experienced playing tabletop role-playing games, it will come as no surprise that no two gaming groups play alike. This is largely attributed to the fact that rules in RPGs are only there to guide players and help resolve the outcome of certain situations. How the majority of games are run will depend on the Game Master’s (GM) and the players’ play style. The other defining factor is the adventure itself: is the GM running a published module or did he create a campaign from scratch in a world of his own creation? Let’s look at the...

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A fancy name for something really quite straightforward. Yet, turn based strategy games often offer tremendous depth, all on the basis of simple rules. Two opponents face off, often with an equal number of pawns at their command. Taking turns, they each perform one move at a time. In the end, only one can be left standing. The premise and goal of turn based strategy games can vary but the core concept is identical in all its many forms. It has been around for centuries and has fascinated gamers for just as long. Let’s have a look at a few,...

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Does a theme define play experience as much as game mechanics do? Would you go as far as saying that the setting is maybe more important and can compensate for forgettable or generic rules? Or is world-building only ever fancy packaging? Is it something to help sell but, in the end, only superficial in comparison to what makes the game work?This month, I look at a variety of games that have made me wonder about the necessity for strong visuals and the presence of a world, or setting, for the play experience to exist in. Can a powerful concept sometimes...

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It is the end of yet another day spent on cold roads. The heavy snow cracks under you tired footsteps. As the last light of the day covers the peaks ahead with gold, you enter a lonely and quiet hamlet. Dusk has already fallen onto the villages in the valley. You turn around to see the sun slowly disappear behind the mountains in the west. Gazing down you can see the miles covered since your campfire breakfast this morning. Even though the days are shorter, winter months seem to make travelling more tiresome. Night will fall at any moment now, time to find a bed for the night.

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A good question that someone who is looking to discover boardgames might ask. While the answer is straightforward - it’s either yes or no - helping a friend to get started can sometimes be a challenge. It’s often related to taste and interest, but also to personality and what type of gameplay one is responsive to. Where do you start as a new gamer? How do you learn a new game? How do you find people to play with? 

Join me as I walk you through my path of board gaming discovery!

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