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Treasure Box -

Sometimes – and this happens even to the most resourceful children and parents – a moment might come when nothing comes to anyone’s mind. You will hear someone say “I’m bored! I don’t know what to do”. In our house, we usually say: “Go outside!” and that will be that. But today is different. The sun is hiding behind dark clouds and rain has been pouring down since yesterday. It’s time for a break from devices and screens but the old card game won’t do. Maybe you are out camping and it’s just too miserable to be outside for long....

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Announcement -

The Voyager's Workshop is finally open. It has taken a fair bit of travelling to get here. Many years in fact. For you to understand how I got here, it’s important we go back to where I started. Rather than bore you with a recitation of when I moved and where to, I decided to draw a little map to illustrate the places I grew up and live in, a sort of map of travels. As you can see, this is a fantasy map but it represents real places, some where I have lived at some point in my life, others just...

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