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Ever wondered how a real tabletop role-playing game rules expert goes about running his games? Do you think there is a rite of passage to become a great game master? From the outside, looking in, the role of GM (or DM if you play Dungeons & Dragons) can seem like the most complicated pastime ever. Fortunately, it becomes a lot simpler once you start and, to be frank, we've all been beginners at something before. As intimidating as it might seem, the only way to learn is by doing, even though some days will be more glorious than others. You...

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For anyone who has experienced playing tabletop role-playing games, it will come as no surprise that no two gaming groups play alike. This is largely attributed to the fact that rules in RPGs are only there to guide players and help resolve the outcome of certain situations. How the majority of games are run will depend on the Game Master’s (GM) and the players’ play style. The other defining factor is the adventure itself: is the GM running a published module or did he create a campaign from scratch in a world of his own creation? Let’s look at the...

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For anyone who knows me or follows this blog, it will be no secret that J.R.R. Tolkien’s work has had a certain impact on my interpretation of all things fantasy. There are many artists, writers and creators who have guided my own development as a fan but also as an artist and a storyteller in my own right. My journeys in the lands of Arda started around the age of 10 when I first read The Hobbit. I discovered a whole new world full of wonders, that I could vividly visualize through the words of the author. Yet, my vision...

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