Centuries ago, a coat of arms was a simple way of representing one’s family. Since most folk could not read, these symbols were designed to be easily remembered. The crests of old can be compared to today’s company logos, some of them standing the tests of time in equal measure.

Hence the following question: why not have your own logo? An image that represents you and/or your family. An artefact - or artifact - is an object shaped by human workmanship, typically an item of cultural or historical interest. It tells a story. It is a tribute to a specific event, person or moment in time. For tabletop players, this can be of course be applied to your adventuring party, character or setting.

They are made of durable wood, carefully sculpted, hand-painted and treated to last. Depending on their shapes and sizes, these carvings can be used as coasters or simply as a decorative addition to your coffee table or bookshelf. In the end, it is about creating an object you can relate to and admire.

By choosing this adventure, commonly referred to as The Woods, you will set off on a mystical journey to the essence of your tale. Old tree barks hold many secrets, the key to unlocking them is for us to find. Hidden in the structure of this natural resource lays a unique representation of your identity.

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