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Avatars & Emblems

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Custom Designs

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Digitally coloured

hand inked illustrations



As a designer and illustrator, I have also developed an entire digital workflow to address certain types of projects and clients. Personalized maps, family trees as well as crests and coats of arms can be illustrated digitally if that is your preference. For tabletop fans, character portraits, adventuring party crests or logo and campaign setting maps can all be designed digitally to make amazing posters, mugs or t-shirts!

Examples of entry level custom character commission

TTRPG character portrait commissions gallery

Traditional black ink work can also be scanned, coloured and saved as a digital file, giving you the opportunity to own both physical and digital variants of the same illustration.

Commemorative bottle labels can also be made entirely digitally, allowing more elaborate designs and the ability to have tens or hundreds printed for your event or celebration!

Go down to the Sorcerer’s Dungeon and step into the magical realm of digital art. Whether you are looking for a special amulet or a fantastical map, this spellbinding quest will be unforgettable. Anything is possible in this adventure..

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