Twenty Sided

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Twenty Sided

I am proud to introduce a new apparel standard for tabletop RPG fans. Twenty Sided is an exclusive line of apparel that is both subtle and stylish. Each polo or t-shirt is adorned with the recognizable Twenty Sided logo embroidered on the chest. Accept no substitute and roll a 20 in style!

Twenty SidedNot every day calls for an awesome big print t-shirt like the ones you will find in the Dicing Monsters collection. Sometimes one needs to wear something classy, yet adventurous. It is to this end that I created the Twenty Sided collection which offers a choice of polos, tees and caps. Variants are as follows: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Adamant.

All items adorns just one single minimalistic element: the Twenty Sided logo, adorning a stylish representation of a icosahedron and a rallying banner. No matter your precious metal of choice, fans of tabletop hobbies worldwide will instantly recognize where your passion lies!

In the store, you will find Twenty Sided polo shirts for women and men as well as all variants in unisex t-shirts. Finally there is also a Twenty Sided cap with exist in three colours with the Gold logo variant. If you would like to see more variants, send in a note via the suggestion box and we'll figure something out!



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