Rainy day activity sheet

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Rainy day activity sheet

Sometimes – and this happens even to the most resourceful children and parents – a moment might come when nothing comes to anyone’s mind. You will hear someone say “I’m bored! I don’t know what to do”. In our house, we usually say: “Go outside!” and that will be that. But today is different. The sun is hiding behind dark clouds and rain has been pouring down since yesterday. It’s time for a break from devices and screens but the old card game won’t do. Maybe you are out camping and it’s just too miserable to be outside for long. Or maybe you have been out and after having dried and changed, the kids need something fun to do for an hour before supper.

The idea for this activity sheet came to me in a similar situation and I was looking for ways to show my kids that the adventures they experience playing in the virtual world of video games can continue in their imagination and be depicted in the real world. The fun thing about this playful look at their favourite video game of the moment is that it can be taken by drawing or writing about it. It also often initiates a discussion with you, their siblings or friends. All you will need is paper and pencils, markers or anything to write and draw with!

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Enjoy and use the suggestion box to let me know how it can be improved or how you and your kids used it!


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