Polyhedral paper cutouts

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Polyhedral paper cutouts

As the end of the year nears, most of us are hopefully looking to spend some well deserved quality time with friends and family. In places that have snowy winters, this often means good parts of the day spent indoors - unless you are lucky enough to find a mountain and enjoy some winter sports!

It is with this in mind, as well as a means to give my kids something to do that they will enjoy, that I have created another fun PDF for all to download. It comes in the shape of paper cutouts of your favourite polyhedral dice: a D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 and of course a D20!

Foldable Paper Dice Cut Outs PDF
I have created versions to colour, some to design entirely to your heart’s content and also two versions of each already coloured. The cutting and glueing is for you to indulge in no matter which variant you choose. I would recommend using a good quality glue stick, they work the best for little projects like this. And if you celebrate Christmas, you can easily turn these numbered polyhedral shapes into funky tabletop themed tree ornaments by adding a loop when glueing the last side of the die.

Of course you can also use them for rolling during your roleplaying sessions over the holidays, as my son pointed out. Click here to get this great free activity PDF!

Until next time, have a great end of year and remember: why you play is more important than what you play!


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