Knight Games - Winter 2019

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Knight Games - Winter 2019

Straight from your own backyard or your neighbourhood, the greatest tournaments of the imagination are celebrated in this special winter collection!

In the olden days of legend, snowmen used to joust and battle for fun, with blunt wooden weapons. In between games, you could find them warming by a fire, sipping on cups of piping hot cider! The Knight Games were not for the faint hearted but, year after year, brave men and women of snow participate until only one is left standing; in the sun.

Commemorate the old traditions of snow games by going out and building a snowman of your own or just by wearing this awesome sweater while drinking something heartwarming in good company!

Knight Games Winter 2019

This great design comes in two unisex sweatshirt flavours: colour and retro. Check them out in the store!


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