What kind of story shall I help you tell? As you will have noticed by now, I can create many different types of tales. In an effort to keep things simple, I have grouped them as adventures. The time has come for us to set off on one.

You have the choice from different sets of artwork.

The Woods adventure is comprised of items such as custom wood carved artefacts. These can be coasters, signs or small panels.

The Castle Tower is where you can have personalised maps, labels and family trees made. These are hand-inked and can be drawn both in black & white as well as with watercolour.

In the Sorcerer's Dungeon, you will be able to order digital art pieces. These are also made to your specifications and include all the items offered in the Castle Tower but then in digital format.

The Epic Mountain Pass offers a way of illustrating a grand life story or an ancient folk tale. These artefacts are painted on large wooden boards and truly are something unique.

How to order

Since all these pieces of art are one of a kind items made to your specifications, I cannot run this site like an online shop. If you have an interest in my work and getting something made, drop me a line with your details by using the form below. I will then be able to send you a small catalogue containing detailed information about how we can get your story told in a way that is meaningful to you.


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