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My name is Wouter [vow-ter]. I am an artist, a designer, a writer, a craftsman and last but not least: a storyteller.

Fresh out of college, I started my career as head of graphic design in a renowned printing company in Switzerland, the country where I had spent part of my youth. After four years, I decided to travel back to my country of origin for an exceptional career opportunity. Strong beliefs in my design philosophy eventually led me to wander off the beaten path and explore the lore of freelancing while expanding my horizons in the, then new and relatively unexplored, territories of web design. My interests have led me to work on many projects ranging from logo and corporate design to web presence, industrial design, comic art, illustration and more. For the last decade I have dedicated my skills to the education sector.

My creative journey is constantly taking me to new places. I have a passion for creating, drawing, interacting, feeling, sharing, looking, seeing, hearing and experiencing. Design, art and storytelling are all these things, and then some more. The Voyager's Workshop was established to provide a link between me, the artist, and you, the art aficionado.

Over the years I have always looked to build trusting relationships with my clients, striving to satisfy my creativity as well as their needs. I see no reward in making something that means nothing to you. My aim is to work within the constraints of what you are seeking while exceeding your expectations.

WFG_Seal_illustratedI hope you will enjoy browsing through the workshop and hopefully you will see something that can apply to the story I can help you tell. If such is the case - or if you just want to say hi - feel free to use the form below to get in touch with me.


Other Stories


Sometimes I take time to tell my own stories. I am the creator, writer, designer, illustrator, layout artist, producer and whatever else that is needed to make 100% home grown graphic novels, comic strips and short stories. Here is a selection of my works thus far. Most are available in print as well as online.



Azure - Short Story

Azure - Short Story


Tales of Jerrik

Tales of Jerrik


Captain Wayne

The Adventures of Cpt Wayne


The Voyager's Workshop - Wouter F. Goedkoop

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Inktober dungeon crawl

Inktober dungeon crawl

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